Global Threat Intelligence

Track. Measure. Act.

The rise of the Internet has made our lives infinitely easier. Today, people can track, transfer, and monitor information in real time, this information has become the core of every business. While these abilities have created powerful opportunities, it has also opened the door for new threats. This is where we step in, New Paradigm helps our clients to identify and prioritize these threats.

New Paradigm provides clients with threat intelligence that helps them properly allocate resources to handle those threats that have the highest probability of happening and pose the greatest risk in terms of financial loss. New Paradigm does this by monitoring the data rushing through cyberspace and translating this data into actionable intelligence to help you quantify and reduce cyber risks.


High-Level Services

At New Paradigm, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; we tailor our services to the needs of your business. We treat each client as their own business unit, adjusting talents and resources to ensure we exceed the level of service expected every time.

At New Paradigm, we continue to provide threat intelligence that is unparalleled in the industry. Our team consists of highly-educated and well-trained professionals from around the world to collect and evaluate information in a culturally and regionally appropriate context.

As part of our mission to provide our clients with innovative solutions, we reinvest a substantial portion of our revenue into research and development. We value our employees and recognize the critical role they play in the success of New Paradigm LLC. At New Paradigm, we are committed to helping all team members improve their existing skills and acquire new ones through continuous training. This equates to a team that is driven and productive to ensure that we can continuously outperform our clients’ expectations.


Reduce your cyber risks with timely and relevant threat intelligence.